Art Exchange

Art Premiere
Otra Vox Co-op
June 25 and June 26, 2022
Mission: Curators presenting a selection of emerging artists to promote exposure and develop relationships with galleries, buyers, and build a wider audience.

What: Art Fair with exhibitions from curators for a general audience

Why: To bridge artists with curators, galleries, and collectors

How: Select 6 guest curators and present the artwork in a group setting

When: June 25 - 26

Where: Otra Vox Co-Op

Description of how it functions: 

- space details, include a map with numbered areas/stalls

- Fees and Accomodations (free and what do we provide)

- targeted attendance/demographic

- partnerships

- marketing

- Calendar (incl. setup & assets deadlines etc.)

Info of how its beneficial for the participants ie. marketing, exposure....

Contact info

Eventually as we secure curators and Artist update here