One-on-One Advisor Brief

One-on-One's connect artists with an Advisor to get feedback on a concept, body of work, or practice. The video sessions are designed to leave the artist with valuable input and direction.

We are building a team of experienced Advisors from around the globe who are inspired by growth and passionate about sharing the creative process. Our roster offers artists the opportunity to talk with someone in similar or complementary fields. 

No matter what stage in life and work, feedback and personalized discourse are invaluable for creative growth. We are pleased to offer this service outside of traditional institutional infrastructures. 

How it works:
- Artists pick an Advisor based on their profile. 
- Critiques take place over video conference in one-hour sessions. 
- Sessions last one hour and cost $150. The Advisor will receive $100 for every session. 
- Advisors make their own schedule and commit to three-month terms. 
- Artists submit their material before the session, which is review by Otra Vox and delivered to the Advisor at least 48 hours in advance. 
- Otra Vox manages all sales and customer service matters.

Topics covered may include but are not limited to:
- Portfolio

- Website

- Social media presence

- Body of work

- Concept

- Career trajectory

- Thesis project

- Specific conceptual or theoretical development 

During an initial period, Otra Vox will follow up after each session to ensure all expectations were met. Feedback and concerns are accepted on an ongoing basis throughout your term. 

We’d be honored to have you as an advisor through our One-on-One program. Do not hesitate to write with any questions at