One-on-One Advisor Policy & Procedure

One-on-One's connect artists with an Advisor to get feedback on a concept, body of work, or practice. The video sessions are designed to leave the artist with valuable input and direction.

How it works: 
- Sessions are open to the general public and customers pick an Advisor based on their profile. 
- Advisors will register their availability in the calendar provided. Any changes in availability must be updated immediately. 
- Advisor’s must be on time for their session. We suggest signing into the session five minutes before start time. 
- Customers fill out a questionnaire when purchasing the session, which is then sent to the Advisor. 
- Customers must sign a liability and confidentiality agreement to complete the purchase, linked here. It protects Otra Vox and the Advisor legally should a session result in any disputes. 
- The Advisor will receive the Customer’s submission for review at least 48 hours in advance of every session. The Advisor is expected to review all material in advance of the session. 
- Advisors and Customers will receive a confirmation email with a link to the video platform. They will receive a reminder email one day prior to the appointment. 
- Sessions take place over video conference in one-hour sessions. It is the Advisor’s responsibility to manage the time. 
- If the Customer has poor connection or other technical difficulties, it will count towards the time in the sessions. Unless, at the Advisor’s discretion, they choose to start the hour once all issues are resolved. 
- The Advisor must ensure they have stable internet connection. If the Advisor has any issues that cut into the session, they must reschedule or start the hour once all issues are resolved. 
- We block out 30 minutes between every session so there is a resetting period. We can block out more time between sessions upon request. 
- Sessions may include but are not limited to: portfolio, website, social media, body of work, concept, career trajectory, thesis project. 
- Customers may receive opportunity for feedback after their session which we will share with the Advisor incrementally. 
- During an initial period, Otra Vox will follow up after each session to ensure all expectations were met. 

- Feedback and concerns are accepted on an ongoing basis throughout your term. 
- We ask that you inform us if there were any issues that arose during the critique. We are here to ensure you have the best experience possible!

Advisor Setup: 

- Advisor must provide all assets for their profile page. This includes a short biography, CV, portrait, images of work, website if available, and areas of expertise. The information is submitted via Form, linked here. 

- All images provided for the bio must be cleared of copyright protections and free to use.

- All assets provided must be accurate. 

- Otra Vox can use the assets provided by the Advisor for promotion in perpetuity. These assets can be updated at any time by the Advisor. 

- Otra Vox will provide Advisor with a scheduling interface and Zoom account for the sessions. 

- Advisors make their own schedule and commit to three-month terms.

- Advisor must sign an agreement acknowledging the policies & procedures outlined here. 

Scheduling & Cancelation Policy: 
- Customer cancelations and refunds are not permitted, with the exception of the below. 
- Rescheduling by the Customer is allowed but it must occur 48 hours in advance. Rescheduling by the Advisor can only occur in the event of emergencies. Any more than three cancelations by the Advisor may result in the termination of the term. 
- Any cancelation (without a reschedule) less than 48 hours by the Advisor will result in a full refund to the Customer. 
- During a session, the Advisor has the right to end the session if: submission or discussions endorses any form of hate or hate group; appears to duplicate any other submission; contains copyrighted materials owned by others or any trademarks, names or logos owned by others; communicates messages inconsistent with the positive images and/or good; and/or violates any law.


- Otra Vox manages all sales and customer service matters.
- One-on-Ones cost $150 USD for a one-hour session. Of that, $100 USD is paid in the form of a commission to the Advisor.
- Payment is issued once monthly within the first ten days of the month for all sessions completed the previous month. 
- Advisors will not be paid for any time exceeding the one-hour session including pre-session material review, maintenance meetings, and correspondence with Otra Vox.
- Payment is subject to income tax. For US Citizens, a W-9 is required before the first payment is issued. At the beginning of each tax year, US citizens will receive a 1099NEC for collective commissions that exceed $600 for the previous year. European citizens will receive a W-8BEN.

Terms of Participation/Service: 
- Duration of participation is a three-month term and is subject to termination or renewal at the agreement of both parties. 

- Advisors must complete any existing appointments before termination can be finalized. 
- Advisors must inform Otra Vox promptly of any change in participation, including but not limited to, a change in availability (vacation, disability, temporary leave), or ability to perform current contractual commitments. 
- Failure to be responsive, miss appointments, or be tardy may result in the termination of your participation in the One-on-One program. 
- Advisors must exclusively utilize the capabilities of Otra Vox’s online platform as directed for correspondence, scheduling, video sessions, document exchange, and other relevant activities.
- Advisors cannot make financial arrangements for further sessions with Otra Vox Customers outside of Otra Vox’s platform without permission in writing from Otra Vox.  

Confidentiality & Privacy: 

- Advisors cannot ask Customers for any personal information. 

- The Customer cannot contact the Advisor outside of the session unless initiated by the Advisor. 

- Sessions are not to be recorded without the written consent of both parties and for private use only. 

- Otra Vox shall keep confidential and shall not divulge to any party any nonpublic information.

Ethics & Standards: 

- Advisors must conduct business with the highest level of integrity, honesty, and ethical standards, and always respect Customer/Advisor confidentiality (except as otherwise authorized by the Customer or required by law).
- Respect the laws and guidelines governing written work, licenses, and intellectual property of others.
- Refrain from knowingly misrepresenting Otra Vox, other Advisors, their competency, and/or skills to others. 
- Not engage in unlawful or unfair business practices and will present Otra Vox and its products truthfully and honestly.
- All viewpoints must be objective and shouldn’t include personal opinions on race, gender, sexuality, religion, politics. You can discuss the issues but must remain unbiased. We encourage you to focus on the work and how these topics relate to it, and not veer into personal views or opinions. 
- Advisor can in no way, shape, or form suggest or promote physical harm or slander on any individual or group. 
- If for some reason conversation with the Customer becomes contentious, and things can’t be diffused, Advisors have the right to end the session at their best judgment.
- Otra Vox and the Advisor mutually agree that providing outstanding customer service is the first priority. If the Customer has any issues,  you can direct them to for resolution. Advisor further agrees that if a Customer is dissatisfied, they will refer them to for swift and immediate resolution.